Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two Civil War exhibits open on one night!

Friday May 6th at Strawbery Banke Museum and the Portsmouth Athenaeum:

“Fire on the Water: Portsmouth’s Kearsarge Sinks the Deadly Confederate Raider Alabama”

6 May “Fire on the Water: Portsmouth’s Kearsarge Sinks th... on Twitpic

"Civil War General Fitz John Porter: Hero or Coward? You Decide"

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alexander McClure on FJP

"...[the first court martial panel] had been studiously organized to convict." (Alexander McClure)

"...[Porter] suffered a judgement of infamy for the single offense of having been one of the wisest, noblest, and bravest of our Army's commanders." (A. McClure)

Quotes provided courtesy Richard Adams, Historian

Gen. McClellan on FJP

Gift of General McClellan to General Fitz John Porter (of McCllellan on horsback) Courtesy, National Park Service, Manassas National Battlefield Park, #MANA1838.

“My God! If I can’t depend on Fitz John’s decision I don’t know what I can depend on.”

“Take him for all in all, he was probably the best general officer I had under me. He had excellent ability, sound judgement [sic], and all the instincts of a soldier. He was perfectly familiar with all the details of his duty, and excellent organizer and administrative officer, and one of the most conscientious and laborious men I ever knew. I never found it necessary to do more than give him general instructions, for it was certain that all details would be cared for and nothing neglected. I always knew that an order given to him would be fully carried out, were it morally and physically possible. He was one of the coolest and most imperturbable men in danger whom I ever knew, like all his race.”